Waterland Award

Lees hier de award informatie in het Nederlands Click here to see to whom the WATERLAND AWARD has been awarded

The VERON division Waterland has it's own Award since 1987, the WATERLAND AWARD.

You can apply for this award by following these rules: Dutch Stations have to work 10 , European stations 5 en DX stations have to work 3 members. All QSO's after 1-7-1987 are valid. The award costs are €5,- or $6,- US. You can apply for the award as a ham or SWL. There are free stickers available for working 20, 30 and 40 points. Contact the award manager: pi4wld@veron.nl if you'd like to have an additional sticker.

Starting 1-1-2011 the rules for the WATERLAND AWARD are changed.
From this date on, all members of the VERON afdeling Waterland A56 count for one point for the WATERLAND AWARD.
The so called life-members count for two points.

The price for the WATERLAND AWARD remains unchanged at €5,- but total points for achieving the award starting 1-1-2011 is 20 points.

Click here for a current list of stations and their point value for the WATERLAND AWARD